version 2.5.4 (06/20/2020)

  • fix bugs with WSJTX interface; add dislay of sequence information. Double clicking on a call now sets the correct sequence
  • fix dupe status of rovers in June VHF contest logged from WSJTX

version 2.5.3 (06/11/2020)

  • change in log file format. Logs from older version cannot be opened, must be imported from Cabrillo
  • add new WSJTX window showing decoded calls and dupe/mult status. This is only fully functional for ARRL June VHF contest
  • many code cleanups and small bug fixes

version 2.5.2 (04/28/2020)

  • fix dupe checking in multi-mode contests
  • fix cabrillo import
  • allow changing mode when editing qso

version 2.5.1 (11/23/2019)

  • minor fixes to UI and fonts

version 2.5.0 (09/14/2019)

  • add two keyboard support
  • update help file

version 2.4.8 (06/05/2019)

  • fix bugs with echo of winkey sending
  • fix some typos in help file

version 2.4.7 (04/07/2019)

  • fix bug in multimode contests. Second mode qsos were showing as dupes
  • fix multiplier bug in CQP

version 2.4.6 (11/10/2018)

  • add 630M and 2200M bands
  • fix crashes when not on a contest band
  • fix bug with window layout changing when call entered
  • fix bug could not delete call/freq moved
  • fix bug calls on bandmap not removed if band had changed

version 2.4.5 (08/10/2018)

  • improve appeareance on high-DPI displays
  • fix bug with dupesheet in Sprint

version 2.4.4 (07/11/2018)

  • update IARU HQ mults
  • fix display of frequency when editing qso with ctrl-e

version 2.4.3 (07/03/2018)

bug fixes:

  • fix core dump if no network connection for CTY download
  • fix x2 zoom in bandmap
  • make bandmap offset/swap IQ consistent between main setting and per-band
  • prevent some writes to network SDR when port closed
  • fix qsy by clicking on bandmap on 144 MHz (was only qsying to nearest KHz)
  • correct freq format in cabrillo output for VHF contests; only give band
  • clicking on entry window changes RX and TX. This fixes bug where entering a frequency immediately after program start also changed the radio
  • Fix error in contest.cpp where uninitialized score object might be accessed.
  • Fix error in mobile dupe checking.

version 2.4.2 (06/09/2018)

  • frequency not sent correctly to bandmap; caused bandmap freq to only update every KHz

version 2.4.1 (06/09/2018)

  • bug fixes: program was crashing when tuned out of band
  • fix freq labels in bandmap
  • start up with serial port RTS/DTR PTT signal off

version 2.4.0 (06/08/2018)

  • support for the ARRL June VHF contest
  • support for reading ADIF qso information via UDP from WSJT-X
  • allow per-band setting of IF offset and inversion (same as swap IQ) in so2sdr-bandmap
  • To support higher frequency bands, the internal format for frequency stored in log was changed.

version 2.3.5 (04/14/2018)

  • bug fix: store auto-CQ time as integer to prevent roundoff issues
  • new feature: automatically download CTY files.
  • wl_cty.dat is now read from ~/.so2sdr

version 2.3.4 (04/14/2018)

  • bug fix: update score after onscreen log edit
  • update to phone macros in all cfg files

version 2.3.3 (04/07/2018)

  • bug fix MS qso party cfg file
  • remove check on changed freq when qsying bandmap; fails in some cases

version 2.3.2 (04/05/2018)

  • support Mississippi qso party

version 2.3.1 (02/18/2018)

  • fix bug: peak detection not turned of during transmit

version 2.3.0 (02/18/2018)

  • many internal changes and reorganization of code
  • better support for multi-mode contests
  • improve bandmap peak detection: when radio is tuned, momentarily turn off peak detection

version 2.2.0 (11/19/2017)

  • rewrite and simplification of the audio play and record features. See the section in the help file on voice messages.

version 2.1.5 (10/21/2017)

  • update SCP and CTY files
  • fix winkey bug- changing parameters now works without restart

version 2.1.4 (05/31/2017)

  • Bug fixes for WPX contest
  • Update help file
  • Other bug fixes: fix fonts in some dialogs, make multipliers window scrollable

version 2.1.3 (01/10/2017)

  • Update multipliers for NAQP and Sprint contests

version 2.1.2 (12/30/2016)

  • Several fixes/enhancements from NO3M:

  • Several AutoCQ bugs, esp in conjunction w/ Alt-D; AutoCQ calls sendFunc() instead of enter(); Fix autoCQ related switchTransmit calls in expandMacro function

  • Alt+Space to start Alt-D QSO at any time, including during active CQ QSO; space still works the same when focused in CQ call field.

  • Alt+ESC to wipe focused field without killing CW

  • Sometimes call or exchange field data would be selected when re-focused. Added deselect() to several places

  • CW speed under certain radio switching conditions (ie. cntrl-R) would not reflect current active radio speed. Added conditional statements at the top of expandMacro to set tmp_wpm variable.

  • Prevent literal spacebar processing when using Alt-space keypress to start Alt-D QSO during CQ QSO

  • Silently switch radios with Alt-D esc in case alt-esc (silent) keypress is used

version 2.1.1 (12/05/2016)

  • wav directory sometimes created in wrong place

version 2.1.0 (12/02/2016)

  • Add support for voice recording. See new section in help.

  • So2sdr-bandmap: add option to also ignore spotted calls when searching for open cq frequencies.

  • NO3M: activeRadio is temporarily set to autoCQRadio in enter when AutoCQ is active and unpaused to prevent exchange being sent on CQ radio if a call is present in AltD radio field.

  • NO3M: AltD QSO is logged without interrupting CW on CQ radio.

version 2.0.10 (10/26/2016)

  • Another fix for winkey status getting stuck in TX

version 2.0.9 (10/22/2016)

  • Add support for radio control via hamlib rigctld

  • Bug fix for auto cq and alt-D qsos

  • shorten some delays in winkey initialization

version 2.0.8 (10/06/2016)

  • Bug fix for Qt5- SQL changes broke dupe checking

  • Activating AutoCQ or dueling CQ will not interrupt current CW/msg transmission. Dueling will start on focused radio if no CW, otherwise focuses other radio ready for toggling sequence. (NO3M)

version 2.0.7 (10/04/2016)

  • fixes to Winkey initialization (NO3M)

  • fixes for Qt 5 sqlite

  • Initialize activeTxRadio to -1 so switchTransmit is forced to update SO2R device on startup (NO3M)

  • Set QSO invalid if clearing Exchange line with ESC; wiping prefill would allow QSO to be logged with no text in Exchange line (NO3M)

  • When dupe allowed (no checking or WORK DUPES), focus exchange field after sending CQ exchange (NO3M)

  • Revert change made in 2013; block Alt-D during Sprint (NO3M)

  • Remove {CALL_ENTERED} from Dupe MSG when using Autosend to avoid sending call twice (NO3M)

  • AutoCQ disables Dueling CQ and Toggle ESM (NO3M)

  • Dueling CQ or Toggle ESM disables AutoCQ (NO3M)

  • TAB (S&P) on AutoCQRadio or SWAP radios (macro) kills AutoCQ, Dueling CQ, Toggle ESM (NO3M)

  • Send F1 (long CQ) immediately when AutoCQ or Dueling CQ first enabled unless QSO in progress, then start in SLEEP mode (NO3M)

  • Disable AutoCQ and Dueling CQ in sprint mode (NO3M)

  • AutoCQ: Several bugs fixes, including with Alt-D interaction and timing/debounce Pressing F1/F2 while un-paused sets long/short CQ silently (same as before) Pressing F3-F12, ESC, or entering text in callsign field pauses F1/F2, ENTER, or logging QSO un-pauses (NO3M)

  • Dueling CQ: Re-implemented with better control and sleep (pause) mode CQ starts on focused radio Pressing F1/F2 while un-paused sets long/short CQ silently Pressing F3-F12, ESC, or ALT-R / CTRL-R, or entering text in either call field pauses F1/F2, ENTER, or logging QSO un-pauses if both call fields empty When paused (SLEEP), goes into Toggle ESM, notes below (NO3M)

  • Toggle ESM / Dueling CQ (SLEEP): Numerous bug fixes and cleaner implementation, much better and more flexible than previously Re-implemented; toggleEnter() function removed. Uses regular ESM enter() function now Focused radio behavior same as normal non-toggle operation. ESM processed by enter(). ESM, Fx, “" keypresses start CW immediately on focused radio and shift focus to opposite radio Works with CTRL-ENTER and SHIFT-ENTER. Backslash “" doesn’t toggle ready for next quick station ALT-R or CTRL-R allowed to manually toggle focus, next CW message (ESM, Fx, etc) goes out on focused radio and toggling resumes Can use empty Fx message to toggle w/o sending CW to maintain QSO flow control / timing or use ALT/CTRL-R as noted above (NO3M)

version 2.0.6 (02/02/2016)

  • internal changes to dupesheet

  • sunrise/sunset was displayed incorrectly for some calls in wl_cty.dat

  • fix build for Qt 4 and Qt 5. To rebuild and switch Qt versions, you must run “make distclean”. The version of qmake used selects the version of Qt.

  • Another change to try to keep the TX status of the bandmap in sync

  • Bug fix: under certain conditions, when logging a qso with ctrl-Enter, the sent qso number was logged as zero.

version 2.0.5

  • Bug fix: telnet spots were not working

  • Add support for PA QSO Party. Some issues however:

      1. the one DX mult for PA stations is not counted
      2. county line operations have to be worked as two separate
      qsos, which will however double-count qso points
      3. portable (/P) and rover (/R) calls are not able to
      change counties. Only mobile /M can change counties.
  • Bug fix: geometry of bandmap windows was not being saved when closing them from within so2sdr.

  • Update default config file for CA QSO Party (out of state). Was missing state in exchange.

version 2.0.4

  • Bug fix: when cancelling CW (for example when switch radios), the “TX” indicator on the bandmap should be turned off.

  • Bug fix for autosend: if CNTRL-R is pressed before the callsign is done being sent in Autosend mode, the CW pauses for as long as focus is on the other radio, and then starts sending the callsign from the begnning if CNTRL-R back to the original radio. (NO3M)

  • If already in a S/P QSO, call and exch fields populated, keyboard focus on exchange field, but QSY before logging. QSO is wiped but Sprint space no longer works, required hitting ESC to restore. Added extra cleanups to ‘qso’ object,, and set focus to call field when QSYing. (NO3M)

  • When QSYing active radio before a QSO was logged, and active radio was also the active TX radio (last to transmit), activeR2CQ was set to false but inactive radio callsign field remained “CQCQCQ”/colorized. Fixed activeR2CQ check during QSY to always match inactive radio as QSYing radio before clearing R2CQ status. R2CQ radio should always be inactive since making that radio active requires [CNTRL/ALT]-R or mouse click focus, which all clear R2CQ status. (NO3M)

  • add option to scroll to the right in so2sdr-bandmap (NO3M)

  • check for a standard contest config file in the user directory (i.e. ~/.sosdr) when starting a new contest. If this file exists, it will be used instead of the program default from share/so2sdr (NO3M)

version 2.0.3

  • remove line leftover from testing preventing callsign clearing on radio 2

version 2.0.2

  • fix some bugs related to setting the config file for so2sdr-bandmap, and choosing the executable for the bandmap in so2sdr.
  • hopefully fix some bugs related to S&P mode

version 2.0.1

  • update help files

version 2.0.0

  • add network interface SDRs and Afedri SDR
  • some unfinished features removed for the moment (click filter and DVK setup)
  • rewrite of SDR bandmap; it is now a separate executable and can be used with other programs (see Documentation for use with N1MM).
  • known problems:
    • control of Afedri SDRs is somewhat buggy for dual-receiver models (when using both receivers).

    • under some Linux distributions so2sdr-bandmap may have trouble accessing the sound card if Pulseaudio is in use. A workaround is to use the pasuspender utility to stop Pulseaudio while so2sdr is running. If starting the bandmap from so2sdr, do this

        pasuspender -- so2sdr

      or if running so2sdr-bandmap separately,

        pasuspender -- so2sdr-bandmap

version 1.5.2

  • fixed several bugs in the alt-D code. Some slight change in how alt-D works- now if the radio is changed (alt-R or ctrl-R), and alt-D call will be cleared, unless the alt-D qso is already in progress (exchange entered).
  • fix qso and mult info being shown on wrong radio with alt-D
  • Call window has call, ESC pressed; was not clearing the mult and worked information, entering S&P mode afterwards would show these for the last call even with no entered callsign.
  • fixed bandmap TX status bug: changing radios while CW was sending would prevent TX icon from turning off. Now turns off TX also whenever CW is canceled.

version 1.5.1

  • Some minor bug fixes and code cleanup
  • qextserialport code updated
  • Build system revised, especially Windows build